The Many Benefits of Recycled Rubber


Dr. Archie Bleyer, former decade-long chair of the Children’s Cancer Group, then the world’s largest pediatric cancer research organization, has analyzed the debate around recycled rubber and potential health effects and posted a detailed analysis online. His concluded the following:

“… we naturally have a need to find something to blame but it's not the crumb rubber or anything else in synthetic turf that caused the cancers. On the contrary, physical activity should be encouraged and promoted by year round, weather-resistant fields to help prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. Limiting field development could in the long run actually increase cancer incidence.”

Read the full analysis here: Synthetic Turf Fields, Crumb Rubber, and Concerns about Cancer

- Dr. Bleyer is Clinical Research Professor in Radiation Medicine at the Oregon Health and Science University, and founding member of the Critical Mass Young Adult Cancer Alliance and founder of DEFEATcancer. Dr. Bleyer chaired the Children’s Cancer Group for 10 years, then the world's largest pediatric cancer research organization, the Department and Division of Pediatrics at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Community Oncology in the Department and Division of Medicine at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

“There really is no reason for concern related to exposures to chemicals in these fields. The simple presence of a chemical in a product does not mean there is some inherent risk associated with that. As far as I know, in the scientific, peer-reviewed literature, there are no studies that have shown that turf is not safe.”

- Michael Peterson is a board-certified toxicologist at Gradient, an environmental and risk sciences consulting firm

Tire Industry Association Position Statement Regarding the Use of Crumb Rubber

Archie Bleyer, MD

Michael Peterson