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The "Synthetic Turf Field Recycled Tire Crumb Rubber Research Under the Federal Research Action Plan, Final Report, Part I" highlights what we already know about crumb rubber infill in synthetic turf fields: crumb rubber is made of the same components found in everyday consumer products, and hospital and classroom floors. The report reconfirms that the mere presence of a substance does not equate with human exposure, and recognizes substances are also present in grass fields and other types of surfaces. Furthermore, when the EPA tested for dozens of substances it found low- and below-detection limits emissions, which is consistent with previous studies. We look forward to the EPA finishing their human exposure characterization in a timely manner in order to provide parents and communities the certainty they deserve.

Ernest Bowker of the Vicksburg Post highlights the durability of synthetic turf fields in his community:

"Last week, Warren Central’s coaches allowed their crosstown counterparts to use Viking Stadium for a few morning workouts. It was a gesture that would have been unthinkable before this year, and not because of the rivalry between the schools. With two games scheduled for the stadium on Friday, keeping the grass fresh would have been paramount. Instead, there was no worry of tearing it up."

Ernest Bowker, "Artificial Turf Brings Plenty Of Peace Of Mind," The Vicksburg Post, 8/29/19.

An innovative product, rubber-modified asphalt, is being used in a five-year study in Kentucky to see if it can extend the durability of roads:

"The grant comes from the Waste Tire Trust Fund, established by the 1998 Kentucky General Assembly. The fund collects a $2 fee from the sale of each new tire in the state and helps manage millions of scrap tires gen­erated in Kentucky each year. It also develops markets for recycled tires products."

Mary Alford, "Road Resurfaced With Rubber-Modified Asphalt," The News-Enterprise, 9/16/19.

A tire recycling organization in British Columbia, hosted a tire round up to collect old tires and recycle them into useful products:

"Tire Stewardship B.C. (TSBC) hosts frequent 'tire round up' drives in the Okanagan, B.C. area, where drivers can donate their old tires and feel good about it. Tire Stewardship takes the tires it receives and recycles them into crumb rubber for a variety of products, including running tracks, playground surfacing or colourful, resilient flooring in recreational facilities. The materials may also be used as slip-proof flooring and mats in agricultural and industrial facilities, as well as coloured landscaping mulch."

TSBC, "From Tires To Toys: Not-For-Profit Organization Uses Crumb Rubber To Refurbish Community Spaces," Collision Repairing, 9/19/19.

A school in Missouri purchases tables and benches made from recycled tires:

"The New Bloomfield R-3 School District received $12,000 from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Scrap Tire Material Grant, which supplied the district with funds to purchase 23 tables and benches made out of majority recycled tires. 'The tables and benches are made of 3,060 pounds of crumb rubber from Champlin Tire Recycling,' Superintendent Sarah Wisdom said."

Quinn Wilson, "New Bloomfield R-3 Receives $12,000 Grant," Fulton Sun, 9/26/19.

Tires gathered in Nebraska will be recycled into crumb rubber, cement, and rubber mulch:

"'It does keep our community clean and beautiful just keeping those tires out of the ditches and roadways. That's the reason we hold this event.'

According to Anderson the tires will be made into crumb rubber and used for various products like cement and mulch for playgrounds."

Jace Barraclough, "100 Tons Of Tires Disposed In North Platte," NBC2 Nebraska, 10/3/19.

Environmental Research Journal Assesses Risk of Crumb Rubber in Turf Fields:

Comprehensive multipathway risk assessment of chemicals associated with recycled (“crumb”) rubber in synthetic fields

Leading Pediatric Health Expert Says Recycled Rubber is Safe:

Synthetic Turf Fields, Crumb Rubber, and Alleged Cancer Risk

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Crumb Rubber: Fear vs. Facts

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